Biological and Fairtrade Coffee

The priciple that guides us is based on respect. This is why we chosw Biologic certification and/or Fairtrade: we contacted the delegation centersof these organizations in Italy to established a relationship of affiliation.

The coffee originating from organic farming is obtained without any chemical substances and in full respect for th enviroment. The defence against pests is arried out by using integrated pest management of insects, the use of mineral, vegetable, animal substances, resistant plants origins; soil fertility is maintained and enhancedwith natural fertilizers and proper agronimic practices. The plantation defence is carred out without any pesticides, using mechanical, agicoltural and natural rchniques.

Being involved in the coffee industry for many years, we are able to see that the conditions of the "campesinos" who are engaged in plantations around the world, are difficult, often poorly remunerated and below the subsistancelevel. We think that these men, with our small contribution, should be able to live in better way.

Aroma naturale

The aroma given off by the sources that are used to compose this coffee blend organic and/or Fairtrade is rich in floreal scents with s

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Aroma Classico in grani

This blend has been developed for the vending market and ensures optimum presence in Cup with strong taste, low acidity, media sweetnes

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Natural aroma


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