Jamaica Blue Mountain

Origin: Jamaica, Blue Mountains’ district (Walleford Estate) This coffee has a strong and intense aroma, a full-bodied, balanced and

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Hawaii Kona Captain Cook Extra Fancy

Origin: Hawaii, edge of active volcano Kona. This is a quite rare and valuable coffee, grown in holes hollowed in the volcanic rocks.

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Colombia Supremo

Origin: Colombia, Armenia region 100% arabica blend, composed in the main of Columbian coffee, with an intense aroma, typically flower

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Soave do Brasil

Origin: Brasil, Sul del Minas region Soave do Brasil is brazilian coffee blend with a persisting but delicate taste. It is suitable fo

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Costarica - Guatemala

Origin: Costarica, Los Santos’ region; Guatemala, Antigua’s region Costarica’s and Guatemala’s coffee blend, with an extremely

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Mexico S. Caterina

Origin: Mexico, Chiapas region Mexico S.Caterina is a 100% Arabica quality, a blend in the main of Mexican coffee coming from biologica

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Super Bar Brasile

Blend of arabica and robusta coffee of the highest quality, carefully selected to create a harmonious and balanced coffee with a great

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Decafeinato Arabica

Decaffeinated arabica coffee blend with a process as natural. Why not enjoy a good coffee though! But remember arabica blends have a lo

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Private Blends

Our company is competitive and flexible. Thanks to the experience gained and the machinery used, specifically chosen for their versatil

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Aroma classico

The coffee blend is characterized by a medium roast of fine Arabica and Robusta. The taste is pleasant with body and velvety cream, com

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Aroma forte

Blend features a rich taste. Its full aroma and consistent blends a good cream and intense body. The aftertaste has remarkable persiste

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Single origin

Francocaffe has the opportunity to choose from a wide range of coffees from different production regions. Each one has its own origin f

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Natural aroma


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