We are a young company with many years of experience in coffee, thanks to the people who come with us today. A good coffee comes first from good green coffee and this is the reason why we try every day to buy the best arabica and robusta coffees' selections to reach the best from our blends.

Our blends were born from the great master mixing of Central American arabicas and best Asian's and Africa's robusta and from the slow roasting called "friar's frock" while our passion and curiosity push us to make new tests, experiments and tastings to control quality an

d give new proposals.

Our main view is to mix our blends quality with our clients' needs to offer our coffee all over the world and meet customers satisfaction, everytime with good italian quality.

With our passion and emotions we would like to diffuse good italian espresso coffee's culture, with all the best technologies and know how because this is "The art of making and drinking coffee".

Natural aroma


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