Coffee Beans

Our coffee beans is in a wide range of blends and single origin beans both conventional and Organic and/or Fairtrade. The classic format in 1 kg bags. with microholes or vacuum valve is for customers of vending Ho.Re.Ca. or, why not, for private consumption. The production of 250 gr. bag, typical of the ground, is less common with the gra

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Pods and Compatible Capsules

Espresso consumption is being expressed with increasing success with semi-professional machines and homemachines in pods or capsules. This element has led us to study blends for optimum results on these media. Therefore, you can taste our coffee in a wide range of taste out of pods and capsules. We manufacture filter paper pods ESE stand

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Ground Coffee

From moka ground coffee to the American coffee through the Turkish ground, even with the addition of spices such as Cardamom! Don't forget the filter coffee in packs of 1 kg vacuum packed!

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Our company is flexible. Thanks to the experience gained and the machinery used, specifically chosen for their versatility, we can meet the most varied customer needs. Here, then, the development of a custom blend becomes a challenge for us and is useful for stimulating new insights; We start from the choice of raw coffee, mixing them and

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Natural aroma


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