Our company

Tostatrice Francocaffè bianco e nero

Our tradition guides us.
Everything started in the late 50s, when the founder opened a micro roastery in a little city near Venice. He roasted the coffee only for its shop in order to guarantee high quality products.
In the early 2000s the production started to grow thanks to Guido, Enrico and Simone.

We adopted the traditional techniques and the old quality passion but at the same time we aimed to expand our production, reaching today 200 tons of roasted coffee . We owe our success to the great team of people that have been and are with us.

Our blends derive from the great combination of Central and South American Arabicas with Asian and African Robusta. Also the slow roasting procedure called "friar's frock" is essential for our coffee unique taste.

Passion and curiosity are the elements that encourage us to experiment in order to offer new products. Our main goal is to combine our blends' quality with our clients' need. By doing so, we aim to meet the taste of coffee lovers all around the world.

Our passion and creativity are the engine of the company. Thanks to the best technologies and our "know how" we pass down the true ltalian coffee culture. "The art of making and drinking coffee" is our slogan.

As a roasting company we have obtained various certifications which are not limited only to verifying the quality of our products, but also all the production processes, to guarantee the high quality standards which have always distinguished us.

What we offer


With more than 20 years of experience, we are able to present our coffee in a wide range of blends and single origins, both conventional and organic and/or Fairtrade. We process a wide range of special gourmet coffees also with SCA score.


From ground coffee for mochas to American coffee through to Turkish ground coffee, without forgetting filter coffee.


The consumption of pods and capsules is constantly increasing. This has also led us to study the blends to obtain an excellent result for pods and capsules compatible with the best machines.


We offer graphic support for customers who rely on us for their branded products and our experience to develop new blends.

Technical assistance

We support our customers with our repair service and in-house technical assistance.

Training courses

We offer training and refresher courses for all our customers. We organize training events with insights into green coffee and its history.


Flexibility is our advantage.
Thanks to the experience gained and the machinery used, specifically chosen for their versatility, we are able to respond to the most varied needs of our customers. Developing a custom blend is a challenge engaging that inspires us. It all starts with the choice of coffee green, then the most appropriate toasting level and finally the mixing.
We also create private label packaging. By working directly with our costumer, we can evaluate their idea and present the best draft.