Our certified coffees

As a roasting company we have obtained various certifications which are not limited only to verifying the quality of our products, but also all the production processes, to guarantee the high quality standards which have always distinguished us.

Francocaffe certified: Organic, Fairtrade and Halal

The principle that guides us is based on respect. This is why we have chosen Organic and Fairtrade certification. The ICEA Institute checks and certifies that companies carry out their business with respect for man and the environment, protecting the dignity of workers and consumer rights. Fairtrade is an international organization that works every day to improve the conditions of agricultural producers in developing countries.

In 2021 we also obtained the HALAL certification. This certification guarantees that the foods, in addition to complying with Italian and European regulations on hygiene and safety, are prepared according to Islamic rules.

Organic & Fairtrade coffee

Halal certified coffee


Flexibility is our advantage.
Thanks to the experience gained and the machinery used, specifically chosen for their versatility, we are able to respond to the most varied needs of our customers. Developing a custom blend is a challenge engaging that inspires us. It all starts with the choice of coffee green, then the most appropriate toasting level and finally the mixing.
We also create private label packaging. By working directly with our costumer, we can evaluate their idea and present the best draft.